0000's The 12th Century CE 1100s CE
out0.gif (100 bytes) 1100s -
1081-1118 Alexius I

1100 Arabic numerals in Europe; paper made in Constantinople.

out1.gif (96 bytes) 1110s -
1081-1118 Alexius I
1118-43 John IV

1117 Abelard teachers Heloise

out2.gif (96 bytes) 1120s -
1118-43 John IV

1120 Hospitalers established
1121 Abelard condemned at Soissons
1123 1st Lateran Council
1127 Knights Templar established

out3.gif (96 bytes) 1130s -
1118-43 John IV

1138-93 Saladin
1138 Conrad III begins Hohenstaufen line

out4.gif (96 bytes) 1140s -
1118-43 John IV
1143-80 Manuel I

1140 Abelard condemned at Sens
1142 Rise of Guelf & Ghibelline factions
1144 Muslim leader Zengi, leading a Jihad against the Christian Franks in the Holy Land, captures Edessa and destroys the oldest Crusader State.
1147-49 2nd Crusade, led by Fr & Ger Kings, divided by Byzantine power struggle, massacred  Jews, failed to achieve any military objectives.

out5.gif (96 bytes) 1150s
1143-80 Manuel I

1150 The Nibelungenlied (epic poem)
1152 Eleanor of Guienne marries Henry II Plantagenet, who becomes King of England in 1154. This begins a long struggle between France and England over Aquitaine.
1156 Moscow founded
1158 University in Bologna founded

out6.gif (96 bytes) 1160s
1143-80 Manuel I

1160 El Cid
1160 David Alrui, false messiah
1167 Lombard league formed; Oxford Univ. begins

out7.gif (96 bytes) 1170s
1143-80 Manuel I

1170 Mishna Torah of Maimonides
1170 Eleanor, sick of husband Henry II's infidelities, moves her residence to Poitiers, France.
1170 Murder of Thomas Becket; "Strongbow: begins conquest of Ireland; Peter Waldo at Lyons.
1171 Kurdish officer Saladdin (Salah ed-Din) consolidates his control of the Muslim empire.
1175 Canterbury Cathedral completed
1176 Carthusian Order est.; Frederick Barbarossa def. at Legnano
1178 Albigensian heresy

out8.gif (96 bytes) 1180s
1143-80 Manuel I
1180-83 Alexius II
1182-85 Andronicus I
1185-95 Isaac II

1181 Jews expelled from France
1187 Saladin defeats Crusader Guy de Lusignan and his army at the Horns of Hattin, near the Sea of Gallilee, and captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders. Within months, Saladin captures all Crusader territory except the seaport of Tyre.
1189-92 3rd Crusade

out9.gif (96 bytes) 1190s
1185-95 Isaac II
1195-1203 Alexius III

1190 Rise of the Cabala Jewish mysticism
1190 Jews killed in England
1191 King Philip and King Richard set sail from Sicily to attack the Middle East. Richard's fleet is scattered by fierce winds and is forced to seek shelter on Crete and Rhodes. Three of his ships sink near the coast of Cyprus. Richard lands his crews and attacks the locals with archers and armored knights. The following day, Cypriot nobles sought audience and pledged allegience to the King of England. Richard thereafter used Cyprus as a supply bridge on the way to Jerusalem.
1194 King Richard I is captured and held for ransom by Austrian Emperor Henry VI

1st Millennium 1100s