0000's The 13th Century CE 1200s CE

zeros 1200s -

1202-04 4th Crusade Latins conquer Constantinople
1208-29 Albigensian Crusades
1208 St Francis founds Friars Minor
1209 Cambridge Univ founded

out1.gif (96 bytes) 1210s -
1205-16 Henry VI
1216-17 Peter de Courtenay
1218-28 Robert de Courtenay

1210 Aristotle forbidden at Paris
1212 Children's Crusade
1215 Magna Carta;
1215 4th Lateran Council orders Jewish badge; Dominican Order founded

out2.gif (96 bytes) 1220s -
1218-28 Robert de Courtenay
1228-61 Baldwin II

1224 Univ of Naples est.
1227 Papal Inquisition begins, Univ of Salamanca est.
1228-29 5th Crusade, Excommunicated Emperor Frederick II negotiates treaty with Sultan Elkamil of Egypt giving pilgrims access to Jerusalem.

out3.gif (96 bytes) 1230s -
1228-61 Baldwin II

1234 Books of Maimonides burned at Montpellier
1237 Mongols invade Russia.

out4.gif (96 bytes) 1240s -
1228-61 Baldwin II

1240 Mongol leader Batu Khan (son of Juchi, oldest son of Genghis Khan) razes Kiev, curtailing growth of Kievan Russia, and permitting Muscovite Russia to emerge as dominant force in Russian life.
1241 Mongols def Germans at Liegnitz, take Cracow and ravage Hungary
1242 Burning of Talmud at Paris
1244 Moslem conquest of Jerusalem, definitive loss of the city to Christianity
1245 Council of Lyons deposes Federick II
1248-54 6th Crusade, Fr King Louis IX imprisoned after def at Mansura and ransomed.

out5.gif (96 bytes) 1250s
1228-61 Baldwin II

1248-54 6th Crusade
1252-62 Formation of Hanseatic League
1254 Jews expelled from France
1258 Mongols sack Baghdad; end of Abbasid caliphate

out6.gif (96 bytes) 1260s
1228-61 Baldwin II
1261-82 Michael VIII

1261 Eastern Empire restored
Mamluks repel Mongols at Ain-Jalut

out7.gif (96 bytes) 1270s
1261-82 Michael VIII

1270 7th Crusade; Louis IX and most of his army die of the plague in Tunis.
1271-95 Marco Polo in Asia

out8.gif (96 bytes) 1280s
1261-82 Michael VIII
1282-1328 Andronicus II

1281 Edward I reconquers Wales

out9.gif (96 bytes) 1290s
1282-1328 Andronicus II

1290 Jews expelled from England
1291 Mamluks take Acre, end of Crusader States
1291 Swiss Canton League
1294 Lanfranchi founds French surgery
1294 Peter the hermit elected as Pope Celestine V, resigns in hopes of returning to his cave, but reformists (Celestinians) prompt Boniface to imprison him.
1294-1303 Pope Boniface VIII claims Imperial authority, attempts conquest of Italy
1295 Edward I's "Model Parliament"

2nd Millennium 1200s