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out0.gif (100 bytes) 1300s -

1306 Jews expelled from France
1309 Pope Clement V removes papacy to Avignon

out1.gif (96 bytes) 1310s -
1310-12 Suppression of Templars in France
1314 Scotsman Robert the Bruce defeats English King Edward II at Bannockburn, Sterlingshire, Scotland.
1315 Swiss def Hapsburg army at Morgarten and est. the Swiss Confederacy.
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out3.gif (96 bytes) 1330s -
1337 Start of Hundred Years' War.
out4.gif (96 bytes) 1340s -
1346 Edward III of England defeats Philip VI of France at Crecy en Ponthieu. English longbowmen so far eclipse Genoese crossbowmen that the long bow replaces the cross bow as an instrument of war.
1348 Start of Black Death plague in Europe.
out5.gif (96 bytes) 1350s
1356 English Edward the Black Prince captures John II of France and his son, Philip the Bold of Burgundy, at Poitiers.
out6.gif (96 bytes) 1360s
1369 Amsterdam joins Hanseatic League.
out7.gif (96 bytes) 1370s
1371 Serbs defeated by Ottoman Turks at Maritsa River.
out8.gif (96 bytes) 1380s
1389 Turkish army under Sultan Murad I defeats Serbs under Prince Lazar at Kossovo Field (meaning "field of the black birds"), bringing Turkish rule to the area which lasts until the Balkan War of 1913. Just before the battle, a Serb posing as a deserter brought before Sultan Murad produces a dagger and stabs the Sultan to death. He is immediately killed, as is Serb leader Lazar who is captured in the battle.
out9.gif (96 bytes) 1390s
1396 Ottomans defeat Hungarians at Nicopol.

2nd Millennium 1300s