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out0.gif (100 bytes) 1400s - out1.gif (96 bytes) 1410s -
1415 Henry V of England defeats French army at Agincourt, Pas de Calais, France. 7,000 French killed; 500 English killed.
out2.gif (96 bytes) 1420s -
1428 English begin siege of Orleans.
1429 Jeanne D'Arc raises the siege of Orléans.
out3.gif (96 bytes) 1430s -
1431 Jeanne D'Arc is immolated at Rouen, France.
out4.gif (96 bytes) 1440s -
out5.gif (96 bytes) 1450s
1453 Turkish leader Mohammed II besieges and captures Constantinople.
1453 English surrender last outpost in Aquitaine to French, ending the Hundred Years' War.
1455 Richard Duke of York wins Battle of St. Albans, first battle of England's War of the Roses (House of Lancaster vs. House of York).
out6.gif (96 bytes) 1460s
1460 Queen Margaret of Anjou defeats and kills Richard Duke of York at the Battle of Wakefield.
1462 Vlad IV ("Vlad the Impaler") of Walachia defeated by Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II.
out7.gif (96 bytes) 1470s
1479 Venice loses naval war to Turkey, together with most of her territories along the Aegean Sea.
out8.gif (96 bytes) 1480s
1480 Ivan III of Moscow assumes position of Tsar of Russia.
1485 At the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry Tudor defeats English King Richard III, and takes the English throne as Henry VII, ending the War of the Roses. This ends the Plantagenet line and establishes the House of Tudor. After the War of the Roses, English nobles were so weak that they could not challenge the strength of the Tudors, essentially ending feudalism in England.
1486 Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York, uniting the English houses of York and Lancaster.
out9.gif (96 bytes) 1490s
1492 Jews expelled from Spain. Spanish capture Granada from Moslems.
1492 Columbus discovers North America (covers 2,600 mi. oneway, going 36 days without sight of land).

2nd Millennium 1400s