The 1870s
1870s CE
On March 30th, announcement that the 15th amendment had been ratified granting citizens the right to vote regardless of race. 
1872 - Election Year U.Grant-R / H.Greeley-D
Amnesty Act, restoring civil rights to citizens of the South, was enacted. Despite charges of widespread corruption in his administration, Grant won reelection, defeating Horace Greeley. Greeley died in a sanitarium one month later, before the electoral college had voted, dividing electoral votes among other Democratic candidates. 

usgrant.gif (10723 bytes)U.Grant Widespread bank failures set off panic. Depression lasted five years.
1874  1875 
Signed Specie Resumption Act, a "hard money" measure designed to decrease the amount of paper currency in circulation. Civil Rights Act, giving equal rights to African Americans in public accommodations and jury duty, was passed. 
Hayes nominated for president by Republican Party, making Grant a "lame duck." Col. George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry massacred at Little Big Horn, Montana. 
rbhayes.gif (9937 bytes)Rutherford Hayes 1st Lady: Lucy
Within two months of taking office, withdrew federal troops from the south -- ending the era of Reconstruction -- and appointed a former Confederate, David M. Key, to be postmaster general. Called out federal troops to quell violent, widespread railroad strikes. 
Favoring a "hard-money" policy, Hayes vetoed the Bland-Allison Silver Purchase Bill. Congress overrode his veto. 

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