The Color-Coded English Program
Color-Coded English is a cooperative lexical approach for studying English. The goals are to increase vocabulary and improve grammar and pronunciation. Words are learned in games with common phrases called collocations. Grammatical patterns are revealed in color-coded texts and used to guide students in forming sentences in games and presentations. Standard pronunciation is mastered in games based on difficult sounds and in reading contests. Knowledge and skills are reinforced in presentation contests.

You need to be supported and challenged to master English as a foreign language. All of the Color-Coded English activities are designed to offer opportunities for real communication. The primary purpose of communication is not to share our thoughts; it is to shape our experience. We are dependent on the perceptions and actions of others. People must form relationships to achieve their goals, and those relationships determine their identities.

The concept of language immersion is to teach a foreign language by limiting a student's relationships to speakers of the foreign language. This is not a realistic option for most EFL students. Furthermore, we cannot replicate all, or even most, of the situations in a classroom in which we rely on communication in our daily lives. However, we can draw on the natural process of forming relationships and identities to create real communication in a foreign language class. The key components for effective classroom activities are preparation, cooperation and competition.

Each Color-Coded English lesson is composed of three activities. The first activity is a team game. After a break you will participate in a rotating discussion about questions or images you have chosen. After another break students give presentations about images or discuss images as a group. Use the free resources on this website to prepare to communicate. Join us and discover the benefits of a fun and supportive learning community. Expect Color-Coded English to increase your confidence and fluency.

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