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Color Coded English

Educational Apps for studying Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Color Coded English lets students direct their own learning. They can explore as many phrases online as they want, and they can review the words they matched and missed in exams. They can view words by level or by topic. Students can search for words using English or their first language. The puzzles, quizzes and exams are FREE (although still under construction). You need to submit an email address for the app to record exam results. Your email address will not be sold or used for any reason other than to create a username and password. Contact Ted O'Brien to receive usernames for a class of students.

If you can visualize a goal, you can achieve it. When you are competing in teams, learning is more fun. The Word Map and Phrase Master game are the perfect complements to any ESL course and a great way to introduce young students to the world of words and books.

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