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        I am an experienced writing tutor. I can quickly correct your essay or research paper for grammatical errors and APA or MLA style rules. I can either explain your errors in a clear manner or simply correct them. I'll also offer you suggestions for making your content clearer and more concise. Whether your sentences need a word changed or a completely different structure, you will be pleased with the results.

        I usually help students correct and finish their papers. I can also help you with your outline and thesis statement. I try to teach the relevant processes and principles so that you need less help with each new assignment.

        A minimum deposit of $30 through Paypal gets you an hour of professional collaboration. We can work together on Skype or over the phone. I can also correct your paper without your input and email it back to you, but the meaning must be clear. I will not write a paper for you. Let me know what service you need and when you need it.

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Ted O'Brien
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