Verb Tense & Grammatical Structures
Big Big World
Country Roads
My Favorite Things
My Heart Will Go On
Red River Valley
Seasons in the Sun
Shape of My Heart
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Sounds of Silence
Take Me to your Heart
Yesterday Once More
Working on the Railroad
El Condor Pasa
500 Miles
Puff the Magic Dragon
Here Comes the Sun
Tru to Rremember
Day you went away

Simple Present, Present Continuous, Modals
Imperative Mood, Simple Present
Adjective Prepositional Phrases, Relative Clauses, Simple Present
Object Noun Clause, Predicate Noun Clause, Verbal Complement, Simple Present & Future
Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Modal, Verbal Complement
Simple Past, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Modal,
Simple Past, Past Continuous, Imperative Mood, Modal, Phrasal Verbs
Simple Present, Adverbial Prepositional Phrases
Simple Past, Past Continuous, Passive Voice, Imperative Mood, Adverb Clauses
Simple Present, Poetic Verbal Phrases, Noun Clause Objects
Simple Present, Modal, Adverb Clauses
Simple Present, Modal, Simple Past, Past Modal, Continuous Aspect, Adverb Clauses
Simple Present, Modal Aspect, Present Perfect Continuous,
Simple Present, Modal Aspect, Unreal Conditional
Simple Present, Modal Aspect, Adverbial Noun Phrases
Simple Past, Past Modal, Adverbial Prepositional Phrases
Exclamatory Mood, Noun Clause Subjects & Objects
Noun Clause Objects, Adverb of Adjective Clauses, Verbal Phrase Subjects
Simple Present, Modal, Past Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous, Adjective Clause
Simple Present and Past, Phrasal Modals, Verbal Adjective Phrases

Verb Tense & Grammatical Structures
It's Dark in Here: Shel Silverstein
Invictus: William Ernest Henley
Carry On: Robert W. Service
If: Rudyard Kipling
The Cremation of Sam McGee: Robert W. Service
The Raven: Edgar Allan Poe

Simple Present, Present Continuous, Adverbs of Adjectives
Simple Present, Prepositional Phrases
Simple Present, Present Continuous, Imperative Mood
Real Conditionals, Periodic Sentence
Simple Past, Past Continuous, Adverb Clauses of Degree
Simple Past, Complementing Verbs, Present and Past Partiple Adverbs & Adjectives

The Ugly Duckling
Reversed Sentence Structure: Adverb Verb Subject
Verb Tense & Grammatical Structures
She Sells Seashells
Peter Piper

Gettysburg Address