The 1840s
1840s CE
At Van Buren's urging, Congress established an independent treasury to hold federal funds. An attempt to safeguard funds from private bank failures, the treasury was abolished in 1841 but reinstated in 1846. Defeated by William Henry Harrison in the November presidential election. 
whharrison.gif (9094 bytes) .William Harrison 
Inaugurated on March 4 as the 9th president, delivering the longest inaugural address on record, in which he promised not to run for a second term. Contracted pneumonia in late March, died in the White House on April 4. jtys.gif (9247 bytes)John Tyler vetoed banking bills supported by the Whigs, prompting the resignation of his cabinet. Tyler quickly named a new cabinet, but the Whig party disowned him.
1st Ladies: Letitia, Julia 
Seminole War in Florida ended. Boundry settled between Maine and New Brunswick. 
In January, the Whigs introduced impeachment resolutions in the House, but the measures were defeated. 
A treaty with China opened the Far East to U.S. traders. 
jkpolk.gif (9495 bytes)James Polk Signed bills permitting Texas and Florida to be admitted to the Union.  
1st Lady: Sarah
Two key pieces of Polk's domestic program, bills setting new tariffs and reestablishing a federal treasury, were adopted. A treaty with Britain settled a dispute over Oregon, giving both nations part of the territory. 
A treaty with Mexico ended a two-year war and gave the United States control over most of present-day Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Gold was discovered in California in December. 
ztaylor.gif (10826 bytes)Zach Taylor 1st Lady: Margaret
Sectional debates over the extension of slavery occupied Congress, with Taylor supporting the admission of California without conditions. 

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